Harbottle Show Officials

1. Entries will be accepted up to 10:15am on Show Morning

. All Exhibits to be grown by, (except Floral Art) or be the work of the Exhibitor.

. The tent will open for arranging exhibits between 08:45am and 10:45am on Show Morning, during which time only Committee Members, Exhibitors and Assistants will be admitted,

4. Judging will commence at 10:45am by which time all Exhibitors must have left the tent

5. No Exhibits may be removed before 4:00pm

6. A 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize will be awarded in all classes

7. Winners must collect their prize money from the Treasurer before 4pm on Show Day, or authorize a deputy to collect it on their behalf

8. Prize money will be paid only on presentation of slip attached to the back of the prize ticket, Actual winners ticket not to be removed from exhibit. Prize money to be signed for.

9. All previous First Prize winning exhibits at this show are debarred.

10. Cabbages are to be trimmed to one leaf round the cabbage. Turnips, Carrots, Beets and Onions must be cut off 3 to 4 inches.

11. Exhibitors must provide their own vases and stands for flowers.

12. Any article not complying with the schedule will be disqualified.

13. All exhibits at the show will receive reasonable care and attention, but the Committee will not be liable for any loss or damage.

14. Parcels of entries may be sent through the post to reach the Secretary not later than the day before the Show and must contain a list of exhibits and a stamped addressed label for return.

15. The Judges decision in all classes is final

16. Cups awarded at the Show and must be returned to the Secretary no later than 31st July.

17. Packet mixes NOT to be used in baking sections.

18. All persons entering the field will be charged admission unless holding Complimentary or Pass Out tickets.

19. The Show Committee accept no responsibility for any injury to ponies or their riders, to competitors in the sporting events, or to spectators during these events

20. One free admission ticket only will be issued per Trade Stand.

21. Trade Stands to be booked in advance with Trade Stands Secretary
by email to tradestands @ harbottleshow.com

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