The Team

The Harbottle Show is a remarkable event. It comes together each year seemingly like magic, but of course behind the scenes there are weeks and months of hard work and activity to make it all happen. Below is a list of many of the individuals who keep the Harbottle Show thriving through the years and in to the future. Many thanks to you all!

President: Mrs M A Dunn

Vice Presidents: Mrs S Bolam, Mr J Common, Mr G Common, Mr P Robson, Mr F. Walton, Mr J. Walton

Chairman: Mac Young, Sharperton Edge, Sharperton

Deputy Chairman: Stuart Wardlaw

Secretarial Team: Allan Bickle, Hernspeth House, Harbottle

Craft Demonstration Organiser: Carol Plater

Field Secretary: Ryan O'Kane, Close Head Farm, Otterburn

Treasurer: Margaret Ranken, Old School House, Holystone

Assistant Treasurer: Jenna Mason, Close Head Farm, Otterburn

Mrs A Atkiss, Mr M Boldy, Mr D Baxter, Mr & Mrs M Bertram, Mr M Burke, Mrs J Casken, Mrs L Common, Mrs A Cummins, Mr K Davidson,Mr B Dugdale, Mrs J Edmondson, Mr K Fair, Mr D Fielding, Mr & Mrs P Fielding,Mr W Gibson, Mr & Mrs J Gilbertson, Mr I Glendinning, Mr & Mrs G Graham, Mr & Mrs J Graham, Mr W Graham, Mrs H Holmes,Ms L Johnstone, Mrs J Ogilvie, Mr & Mrs G O’Kane, Mr N O’Kane,Mr & Mrs J Rogerson, Mr J Rogerson, Mr F Scott, Mr R Selway, Ms P Stevenson, Mrs J Stott, Mr A Stripp, Mrs K Waddington, Mr & Mrs S Wallace, Mrs L Wardlaw, Mr & Mrs J Watson, Mr & Mrs D Wood, Mrs J Wood, Mr & Mrs M Wigg, Mrs E Young, Mr G Young.